Keeping IT simple

Basic IT Support

Many of us now use IT equipment in our homes to enable us to do simple things like watch television or communicate with our family
Let us help you to choose and use powerful but simple devices so you are not left stranded or trapped by your technology


App advice

Learning new apps can be daunting. We can act as a caring and empathetic digital driving instructor to help you make the most of any app


Technophobia cured

Service providers make life difficult with out-sourced phone support while IT Gurus blind us with science or leave us out of the loop altogether
Watch and learn while we explain all the pieces of the digital puzzle
If it doesn’t make any sense we can take over or explain it for you as many times as you like

Mac & PC Buying Advice

Need help choosing or using a computer?
Our service can range from simply telling you what to buy to explaining every specification


You don’t backup, don’t know how to backup, but know that you should
Call us and we will put you on the right track

Photographic Tuition

No matter your skill and experience we can improve your confidence when capturing, downloading, storing and sharing your digital images

Scanning your old photographs

Are you putting it off because you think it’s too hard
Let us guide you through the easiest, hardest, fastest, cheapest, best and worst methods for getting your images digitised

IT can be easy…