Your Digital Driving Instructor

Whether you’re a student of Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Marketing or many other disciplines the advice and support available ┬áis invaluable

Photographic Tuition
Many subjects require work to be recorded photographically, often images are required for websites and as we all know – presentation is of the utmost importance
We will improve your skills no matter what your previous experience or level of equipment

We can give you the tips and tricks required to build your own elegant website and get it noticed or help to translate geek-speak into English if you are working with a web designer

Mac & PC Support
Need help choosing or using a computer? – we can offer help understanding the specifications, the best tool for the job, cheapest and easiest to use software and much more

We’ve seen too many people suffer data loss due to inadequate or non-existent backups
It could happen to you
Our tuition and advice will provide you with foolproof and affordable protection

IT can be easy…