Client Testimonials


“Since when did photography become a computer profession?” This is the question I have asked my self many times as I have had to transition from the good old days of film into the digital era. To say my learning curve has been steep would be an understatement. There are not many options out there for individualised, photography-specific IT support. Discovering Genius on Demand was therefore a lifesaver. With Doug’s IT expertise and his background in photography, I have been able to successfully tackle the new direction of photography. I would highly recommend Genius on Demand to anyone who needs targeted, up-to-date and time efficient guidance in all aspects of digital photography…..

Tanya Simmonds
Owner/Photographer TS Photography

“the Edge”

As a professional photographer there are times when I am challenged both technically and creatively and need the assistance of someone who can give me that extra insight into achieving the results I’m after.
Genius on Demand has always given me the edge in solving a tricky situation whether in lighting setups, workflow or business matters. Through their professional consultation Genius on Demand gives me the tools to help my business grow.

Simon Cecere, Photographer


very responsive with helping me with my technical issue. He guided me step by step and explained the reasons behind why and what needed to be done.
I would recommend his services to my friends

Amanda Stephens, Graphic Designer

IT can be easy…