The truth about Adobe Creative Cloud AU$ pricing?

Half the Australian photographic community have their knickers in a knot over recent increase to Adobe Creative cloud with complaints like ‘They are price gouging’, ‘They have a monopoly’ (they don’t), ‘Adobe are bastards!’, ‘Linked to currency rates? What a crock of shit!’ and so on.

Anyway, it turns out the opposite might be true.

Adobe went all in with Creative Cloud when the USD to AUD exchange rate was close to 1:1.
Back then it was $9.99 AUD and our US counterparts were paying about the same.
In the last year though, our local pricing has increased by nearly 50% over what it was and three price rises that have occurred in the last year have come to many as a bit of a shock.

I decided to overlay what I’ve paid since September 2013 for the photography plan onto the graph for the USD to AUD exchange rate.
Turns out, Adobe have actually protected us from price increases. First, perhaps stupidly, by not reacting to changes in the exchange rate for around 3 years, and then by not increasing their base (US$) price at all from where it was when CC began about five years ago.